Do you consider dance to be your “sport”?
Are you interested in taking your training and performance to the next level?
Do you want to be a part of an award winning performing company and be a part of a team?
If you answered “YES” to these questions, the DC Company may be for you!

All Solo


Date & Time


Interested Dancers ages 8 and up with AT LEAST ONE YEAR of competitive experience, You may begin submitting your solo audition videos NOW!!!  

Email videos to:>   by Wednesday, MAY 20TH 2020.


Dancer must have at least one year of competitive experience to audition for a solo, and be a minimum of 8 years of age as of the audition date.

Include a brief intro stating your name, age and title of song/track to which you will be dancing!

Video submissions must be a minimum of 1 min. but not to exceed 2 min. (not including intro). Audition pieces should be choreographed by the auditioning dancer in any style! Remember, if selected as a soloist, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the DC staff as to the style of solo soloists will be given. However, We will take the style you present into consideration!

Remember, we are NOT judging your surroundings, or space! We want to see your passion, desire to grow as a dancer, ability to command an audience (aka confidence/performance ability) and your individual voice as a young artist! We understand that you may have spatial limitations, and may not have high resolution camera. That’s absolutely OK! We applaud your creativity, resilience, and determination! Mind your space and surfaces guys! Please don’t try to cut an aerial off of your dining room table, execute multiple turns barefoot on hot asphalt or raw wood or use your trampoline as your audition space and cause us to fully freak out! 😄😯  We expect that all dancers under the age of 15 will be filmed/supervised by a parent/guardian. Music does not have to be cut, but should NOT be explicit.

The  DC CO staff will review your submission, and our 20-21 season soloists will be listed with all other company results (they will post June 5th). Be aware that dancers cannot perform a solo without also performing with a group company during the competition season.

Please understand that soloist positions are limited.

Thank you and good luck! We are looking forward to your submissions!



Date & Time

Friday, May 29th – Saturday, May 30th – Studio A

Doors at 10:00 am

**To our interested dancers ages 6 and up, As we take “baby steps” back into life during our current reality, DC will be taking precautions throughout the group audition process, and beyond to keep risk low and keep our dancers and their families as safe and healthy as possible! This will mean auditions will be spread over 2 days so that we can “spread out” and have smaller groups in the space. Dancers will audition in shorter time frames, and in “blocks”. Dancers will be asked to sanitize hands on the way in and out, as well as keep physical contact to a minimum (which we know will be hard, because we haven’t seen one another in so long, but we still need to keep our distance!❤) Parents will not be permitted in the lobby, drop off/pick up only. Read on for more info!**


RSVP by Wednesday, MAY 20th  to
Copy and paste the below information into your RSVP, and answer as needed. The below information MUST be included in your RSVP. This is essentially your “audition form”.

Dancers Name:
Dancers Age:
Dancers DOB with year:
Parent email:
Dancers email (if applicable):
Parents phone:
List styles in which you are interested in competing.Choose any or all from the following selections- jazz, hip hop, contemporary, tap.
I am  8 years or older, have at LEAST one year of competitive experience, and am interested in being considered for a duet/trio or small group – YES or NO.

Dancers must drop $25 group audition fee or $30 if you submitted a solo entry (Checks made payable to Dancers Corner or Cash) in the drop box that will be located at the payment table in the lobby on his/her audition day. Cash must be in a sealed envelope with dancers name on it.  Dancers will not be permitted to enter the audition without payment. 
You will be emailed with your audition day/ times and block by May 25th, and we will See you there! Dancers will audition on either the 29th or 30th, they won’t have to attend both days. Dancers will be auditioning with dancers in their age group as of the audition date. If you cannot attend your designated audition block, or are not comfortable attending group auditions, please email to discuss your options.

All auditions will be held in Studio A. The studio, lobby, and all common spaces will be commercially deep cleaned by our professional cleaning service before this event with the use CDC recommended and approved hospital grade disinfectants/products.
As stated, dancers and limited staff only are permitted in the building. Parents will not be permitted to wait in the lobby. Our DC Assistants will be outside to escort our 6-8 year old age groups in and out in a “follow the leader” no touch fashion. Parents, you are of course more than welcome to walk your child to the door where you will see assistants waiting, and the same applies for pick up. Assistants will be required to sanitize/wash hands regularly. 
Age groups will breakdown as follows:


Dancers can audition in their designated blocks only and should leave when finished with their block. In an effort to keep group sizes limited, dancers will not be able to attend “extra” audition classes this year. This will NOT impact placement. 
Lobby seating will be spread out for any waiting dancers. We will also have some outdoor seating available. 
Dancers will be asked to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the studio. They may use personal hand sanitizer or that which is provided by DC.
Instructors/Staff will not be permitted to touch dancers during auditions.
High touch Surfaces such as door knobs/handles, bathroom surfaces, the dance floor will be disinfected between each block. Dancers should refrain from using the water fountain. Please bring your own water bottles. 
Dancers may not touch the mirrors.
All Duet/trio and small groups are grouped and selected by the DC CO Staff, based on group auditions. The number of such routines is limited. 

Audition results (solos, groups, duet/trios, and small groups) will be posted at Dancers Corner on Friday, June 5th by 3:00 pm! Your contracts will soon follow and will be sent via email! Be prepared to return your signed contracts, along with your first installments by June 15th. 

Details about how technique classes will proceed/summer classes will be coming soon!

If offered a position on the DC CO, AMP, your mandatory summer intensive, will be held on Aug 3-6. All DC CO dancers should be available to begin choreography season by August 1st.