DC Company

Group of company dancers in Studio A

Founded in 1998, The “DC Company” is Dancers Corners’ competitive performing company, offering experienced and motivated dancers the opportunity to showcase their talents, dedication and showmanship at an elite level. It is an audition-based, pre-professional dance company that offers driven students, ages 6 and up; with the desire to train at a progressive pace, the unique chance to be a part of one or more of our award winning performance groups that perform the styles of Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Tap!

DC Company dancers train and rehearse intensively year-round, steadily increasing their technical skills and enhancing their performance abilities. The DC Company collaborates with highly distinguished, Nationally acclaimed professional choreographers/instructors providing dancers with the experience of creating extraordinary works of choreography as a part of their preparations to exhibit their hard work and artistry at the premiere competitive talent showcases in the Southeast. Dancers are also provided with the additional performance experience of displaying their work at Dancers Corners’ annual year-end performance!

It is our mission at Dancers Corner to provide young dancers with a comprehensive, diverse dance education that fosters excellence in technical performance, freedom in artistic creation and expression and a greater awareness and deeper understanding of the impact of the art of dance on both the dancers themselves, and on their audiences, all in an uplifting, nurturing and organized environment.

The goal of the DC Company is to develop dancers who possess technical proficiency, an impeccable level of sportsmanship , the courage to take creative liberty, a fine -tuned prospective on movement aesthetics, body lines and style, and a lasting appreciation for their art form, so that should they choose to pursue a career as a professional performer, choreographer or dance educator after being a part of the DC Company, they have been provided with the solid foundation and confidence to do so.

Have questions about the DC Company? E-mail our Company Director; Whittney Niemi at whittney@dancers-corner.com.