Some General Information Regarding DC Company

1The following is general information about the Competitive Performing Company at Dancers Corner. Just like any sport, being a part of The DC Company is a big commitment from both the dancers and their parents! We are thrilled that you want to be a part of our “company family”. We at DC are committed to doing all that we can to make this experience organized, fun and uplifting for you and your child, while expanding her/his knowledge and love of dance! Here is some preliminary info that may help you decide if the DC Company experience is for you!

2Upon company placement, after auditions, you will receive an official contract with a returnable portion via e-mail. It fully explains fees, payment plan and a description of what the fees include, and do not include. Company fees are inclusive fees that are broken into monthly installments. These payments will be remitted in separate installments over 10 months, the first being due the at the beginning of June, the last being due in March. You will also receive (VIA e-mail) a July class schedule for your dancer (read more below). Later, you will receive a fall class schedule indicating the required technique classes and rehearsal classes for your dancer, as well as fall tuition rates.

3 Dance is a year round sport, therefore Company dancers are required to take summer classes. there are 4 consecutive weeks of summer classes offered. Summer classes will begin in early July and last throughout the month. All dancers are required to take at least 2 July classes. Dancers should take classes in all styles in which they will be competing, and may have additional/ optional classes available to them as well. All jazz and contemporary company dancers are also required to take ballet. The cost of summer classes is not included in co. fees. The pricing for these classes will be shown on the July schedule. Upon returning your contract, please e-mail any known conflicts or vacation times to our Company Director; Whittney Niemiat: Absences in summer classes will not count against company attendance records. Attendance policies will be further explained in your contract.

4The mandatory summer requirement for all Company Dancers is the annual 4 day summer dance intensive offered by DC. It is held in early August at Dancers Corner. The Intensive is a fun and exciting experience for the Company where they will be offered many different styles of dance, and have the opportunity to take classes from acclaimed professional guest instructors! Your Company fees do not include the cost of the summer intensive. Details about the DC summer intensive, including cost and specific class schedule will be e-mailed to you.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are dancers placed on the company exclusively by age?

NO. There are many factors that are considered before placing a dancer on a company, but the primary deciding factor is technical ability. For instance, because a dancer is 12 years old does not necessarily mean that all other dancers on the company with which she/he is placed will all be of the same age; Some may be younger, some may be older. If offered a position on a company, the dancer will be placed where the staff feels She/he is best suited in terms of technical skill, achievement and potential as well as overall performance quality. For returning members, progress, work ethic/classroom behavior and sportsmanship are also taken into consideration for future placement.

Does everyone "make it" ?

NO. This is a selective audition. We are not able to accept all dancers. If we do not feel that a dancer is ready and we are not able to offer him/her a position on the DC CO, we notify those dancers before results are posted.

What if I can't make it to auditions; are there "make up" auditions?

NO. If a dancer can’t attend auditions, please contact about the possibility of other arrangements. If you are relocating from another state or area, video submissions can be arranged. Being present for live auditions is ideal whenever possible.

What is the cost of Dancers Corner Company?

We understand that financial commitment and budget are huge factors in the decision making process for most families. Fees are carefully broken down in your contract. For more information about financial commitment prior to auditioning, email

Is my dancer required to participate in all companies that He/She makes?

NO. The returnable portion of your official contract will declare which companies your dancer will participate in, based on your decision. We understand that some can’t “do it all” in all cases!

What is the weekly studio time commitment to be a Company Dancer?

A minimum of 3 classes a week. Two technique classes and 1 company rehearsal class. There will be an additional company technique class AND rehearsal class for each additional company with which the dancer competes. Weekly requirements will be described in detail in your contract.

When will we know the fall technique class/rehearsal schedule?

DC attempts to send a tentative fall schedule in early June, before contracts are due, so that you may consider it when making your final decisions. That schedule is subject to change, and frequently does. The finalized fall schedule is sent in late July/early August. Fall classes begin in late August/Early September.

I noticed that there are 2 divisions of some teams e.g. "Junior I and Junior II". What is the difference? Is one "easier" than the other?

Because the DC CO aims to have a place for dancers with varying skill levels/competitive experience to train and have the opportunity to compete, we offer two divisions of some age groups, when we feel it will be beneficial/necessary. Division “2” teams/classes are designed with our more novice performers/technicians in mind to build upon their technical abilities and performance qualities, whereas division “1” teams/classes are composed of more experienced competitors/technically refined dancers. Division 2 and 1 dancers are all amply challenged with classes that are customized to grow, educate and inspire them. All technique classes are level appropriate, progressive and stimulating, tailored for our young artists!

When is choreography learned and who are the choreographers?

Choreography during the months of Aug-Oct. Choreography dates/times are scheduled as far in advance as possible (Whenever possible, we give at least 3 weeks advance notice of upcoming choreography). The Choreography fee for each routine is due on the first day of choreography for that routine. Each routine takes 2-3 sessions to complete the entire piece (1 fee per piece, not per day). Dancers are required to be present for all sessions for each routine in which she/he participates. DC’s choreography team is a family of talented and innovative professional choreographers, Dancers Corner alumni who are teaching/choreographing/dancing professionally, and staff! We feel that versatility is vastly important, and we strive to ensure that our dancers are exposed to a wide range of influences. Our choreography team is composed of positive forces and role models  who care about our dancer’s progress and growth. They are exceptionally talented creatives and visionaries whose skills range from stylized classic jazz to cutting edge contemporary, to energized hip hop, and everything in between!

Do dancers have a "say" in who their choreographers are?

All group and trio choreography is designated by the DC CO staff. In most cases, returning soloists are able to place a request for their choreographer of choice from our list of choreographers. First year soloists under the age of 13 are typically assigned a choreographer.

Will there be weekend requirements?

YES. A great deal of Choreography is learned over weekend sessions. Dress rehearsal, and all competitions and conventions are held on weekends. If your child is a senior level dancer, the majority of their group their rehearsals are held on Saturdays. Occasionally, extra weekend rehearsals are called for groups (other than senior groups) that may need additional studio time. We give as much advance notice as possible for all weekend requirements.

Are there fees for fall company technique and rehearsal classes?

YES.Tuition is not included in your Company fees, it is a separate account, paid Sept-May. There are also additional solo and trio rehearsal fees. Your exact tuition rate will be listed on your DC Company fall schedule that you will receive via e-mail. Tuition increases with the more companies the dancer participates in, as there are more technique classes and more rehearsal classes required, however the more classes a dancer takes, a break in price is in place. Dancers Corner offers an “unlimited” rate cap. This rate applies to dancers that participate in 6 or more classes/rehearsals per week. Additional tuition discounts are offered for siblings and for paying ahead (i.e. paying for your dance year in 2 payments; one in Sept. and one in Jan.) All tuition is auto-drafted.

Does the company participate in a recital?

YES. In addition to our competitive events, all company group numbers, duet/trios (and the solos of graduating seniors) are showcased in our year end spring performance (typically in mid May)!. We also set a DC Company production number specifically for the recital to further showcase our company! The additional cost of recital participation will be explained in your contract/via email. All families receive 4 tickets per family, and dancers receive an award. DC CO members receive the perk of “pre-sale” ticket requests for the recital!

How many competitions/events does the Company participate in?

We participate in 4 mandatory events a year.
1-2 convention/competition (a weekend of classes and competition- this MAY require travel to the Charlotte/Atlanta/Columbia area) and 2-3 local competitions (Greenville/ Spartanburg) as a company. We also send out additional/optional events for soloists, trios or small groups that are interested in doing more events (these events are at extra cost).

When will we know the mandatory competition/ event schedule?

Company members will be provided with the tentative event schedule VIA email as soon as we have them aligned.We try to have it prepared for you in August. DC is diligent in keeping our parents and dancers “in the loop” and will communicate ALL important “need to know” dates and information via e-mail. You will typically know your competition schedule for the season by the end of September,or sooner! Our first mandatory event is typically in January/February.

Does the DC Co. attend a nationals?

YES. Dancers Corner does offer an optional nationals opportunity! National events are typically in mid- June/July, and require travel (Myrtle Beach/Orlando etc). Rehearsals are required in the weeks leading up to Nationals. Nationals info (dates, location, cost, etc.) is sent early on in the season so that you may begin saving and planning right away, as Nationals costs are not included in your DC Company fees. Nationals fees are paid to Dancers Corner, and will cover the convention fee (if applicable), as well as a participation fee and entry fees for the competition portion of nationals. The cost of your accommodations/travel is not included in nationals fees, as you are responsible for your accommodations and travel arrangements.