Some General Information Regarding DC Company

1The following is general information about the Competitive Performing Company at Dancers Corner. Just like any sport, being a part of The DC Company is a big commitment from both the dancers and their parents! We are thrilled that you want to be a part of our “DC company family”. We at DC are committed to doing all that we can to make this experience organized, fun and uplifting for you and your child, while expanding his/her knowledge and love of dance! Here is some preliminary info that may help you decide if the DC Company experience is for you!

2Upon company placement, after auditions, you will receive a contract via e-mail, that will include your detailed contract (with a returnable portion) that fully explains fees, payment plan and a description of what the fees include, and do not include. Company fees are inclusive fees that are broken into monthly installments. These payments will be remitted in separate installments over at least 8 months, the first being due the at the beginning of june. You will also receive (VIA e-mail) a summer class schedule with the appropriate and required classes indicated for your dancer. Later, you will receive a fall class schedule indicating the required technique classes and rehearsal classes for your dancer, as well as fall tuition information.  DC attemps to send a tentative fall schedule before contacts are due back, however, the finalized official fall schedule is not able to be sent until early July. Official information on the mandatory AMP summer intensive hosted at DC for all Company Dancers (see below) will be e-mailed to you as well.

3Dance is a year round sport, therefore Company dancers are required to take summer classes. there are 4 consecutive weeks of summer classes offered. Summer classes will begin in early july and last through the month. All dancers are required to take at least 2 summer classes. Dancers should take classes in all styles in which they will be competing, and may have additional/ optional classes available to them as well. All jazz and contemporary company dancers are also required to take ballet. The cost of summer classes is not included in co. fees. The pricing for these classes will be listed on the summer schedule e-mail. (you can estimate a minimum of  approx. $140, and a maximum of  approx. $240) Upon returning your contract, please e-mail any known conflicts or vacation times to our Company Director; Whittney Niemi at: Absences in summer classes will not count against company attendance records. Attendance policies will be further explained in your contract. Parents, please note: JULY is the BEST month to travel! We are aware that many families like to plan summer vacations. If your child is dancing on the company, July is the most ideal month to do so. This will not conflict with any choreography sessions, or the summer intensive. If you don’t plan to attend nationals, you have the month of June open as well. Please try not to travel in the month of August if at all possible to avoid conflicts.

4The mandatory summer requirement for all Company Dancers is the annual 4 day AMP (ambition, motivation, perseverance) summer dance intensive offered by DC.It is held in early August. This year’s dates are AUGUST 7th-10th at Dancers Corner. The Intensive is an incredibly exciting and challenging experience for the Company where they will be offered many different styles of dance, and have the opportunity to take classes from acclaimed professional guest instructors! Your Company fees do not include the cost of the summer intensive. (you can approximate $260.00) Details about the DC summer intensive, including verified cost and specific class schedules will be e-mailed to you upon receiving your returned contract, accepting your position on the DC company. If you are unable to attend this mandatory intensive, please reconsider auditioning. We cannot allow dancers to participate in Company unless they participate in the summer intensive.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone who auditions "make it"?

NO. Dancers must exhibit a certain degree of skill, style, performance, physical capability and ability to absorb and retain choreography to be considered. Though not everyone who auditions maybe ready to take on the challenges of dancing at a competitive level, this doesn’t mean that dancers who don’t have years of experience shouldn’t audition! We encourage all dancers who are interested to audition! We aren’t looking for perfection. We are looking for potential and passion!

Are dancers placed on the company exclusively by age?

NO. There are many factors that are considered before placing a dancer on a company, but the primary deciding factor is skill/ ability. Age does play a some role in decision making. Because a dancer is 12 years old, for instance, this does not necessarily mean that all other dancers on the company with which she/he is placed will all be of the same age; Some may be younger, some may be older. If offered a position on a company, the dancer will be placed where the staff feels She/he is best suited in terms of technical skill and overall performance ability.

What is the cost of Dancers Corner Company?

We understand that financial commitment and budget are huge decision making factors for most families. We try to make it as easy as possible for you! A “ball park” figure of on what to expect financially is approximately $900 for the year to participate in one dance company. Each additional group company will require additional fees of approximately $450 per additional company.Solos are approximately $630, and trios are approximately $450. Choreography fees are not included in your company installments. You can expect an average of $150 per large group choreography fee (you will pay one choreography fee per routine), but this rate depends on the choreographer. Where some group choreography fees may be less than that, Solos, trios and small groups (dances with 9 and under dancers) will likely have higher choreography fees. Solos range from $300-$500 depending on the choreographer, trios from $200-$300 per dancer, and small groups from $160-$175 per dancer

How many classes does my child have to take in the fall to be a Company Dancer?

A minimum of 3 classes a week. Two technique classes and 1 company rehearsal class. There will be an additional company technique class (with the exception of hip-hop, dancers who do hip-hop co. as an additional company. They are not required to take a hip-hop technique class in the fall; just the rehearsal class) AND rehearsal class for each additional company with which your child competes.

Are there fees for fall company technique and rehearsal classes?

YES. Tuition is not included in your Company fees, as that is a separate account, and is paid Sept-May. The cost of 1 rehearsal class is approx. $30.00 per month. This cost will be added to the normal tuition rate. There are also additional solo and trio rehearsal fees that are added to your tuition rate. (approximately an additional $35 per month) Your exact tuition rate will be listed on your DC Company fall schedule that you will receive via e-mail upon being offered a contract, but an estimated cost for tuition for the dance year for 1 company (this includes 2 technique classes and 1 rehearsal class) is approx. $1130. This increases with the more companies the dancer participates in, as there are more technique classes and more rehearsal classes required, however the more classes a dancer takes, a break in price is in place. Dancers Corner also offers an “unlimited” rate cap. This rate applies to dancers that participate in 4 or more technique classes and/or companies and is an estimated $2180 for the year. Additional tuition discounts are offered for siblings and for paying ahead (i.e. paying for your dance year in 2 payments (one in Sept. and one in Jan.)

Do the company dancers participate in a recital?

YES. In addition to our competitive events, all company group numbers, duet/trios (and the solos of graduating seniors) are showcased in our year end spring performance held at Furman University’s McAlister Auditorium (typically in mid- Late May/ early june). We also set a DC Company production number specifically for the Spring Performance to further showcase our company! The additional cost of recital participation will be explained in your contract, but it is approximately $150.00 in total

Will there be weekend requirements?

YES. Choreography is typically learned during weekend choreography sessions. Dress rehearsal, and all competitions and conventions are held on weekends. If  your child is in a solo, trio, or small group their rehearsals will most likely be on the weekends. And many senior level routines are rehearsed on Saturday. Occasionally, additional weekend rehearsals are organized as needed. DC will  give as much advance notice as possible for all weekend requirements

How many competitions/events does the Company participate in?

We participate in 4 mandatory events a year. 1 convention/competition (a weekend of classes and competition- this MAY require travel to the Charlotte/Atlanta/Columbia area) and 3 local competitions (Greenville/ Spartanburg) as a company. The competitive season typically begins in February/March. We also offer additional/optional events for soloists, trios or small groups that may be interested (these events are at extra cost).

When will we know the event schedule/choreography schedules?

Parents will be provided with the tentative event schedule, as well as choreography dates and cost through email as soon as we have them aligned. We try to send out choreography dates/ choreography fees at least 3 weeks out from when choreography for that number is to take place. As always, DC is very diligent in keeping our parents and dancers “in the loop” and will communicate ALL important “need to know” dates and information via e-mail. You typically will know your competition schedule for the season by the end of September, maybe sooner!

Does the DC Co. attend a nationals?

YES. The company offers a “Nationals” opportunity each year as an optional event, but a VERY highly recommended one! Nationals are typically in mid June, and require travel (Myrtle Beach, Charleston, etc.) Nationals info is sent with your mandatory schedule of events so that you may begin saving and planning right away!