Owner/Artistic Director

Lisa Fowler

Lisa Fowler, Owner and Artistic Director, established Dancers Corner in 1998 after a 10 year teaching career in the Upstate. Living in the Greenville area for the majority of her life, and dance always being an enormous part of it, Lisa saw and felt the need for a studio that could provide much more than a fun activity for children to partake in after school. She envisioned a haven where young individuals could fall in love with dance… for life. A place where they could foster and grow that love for their art; a place where dance could be more than “something they do” but an irreplaceable force that would remain a part of their lives well beyond their years at Dancers Corner. She aspired to create a school where dancers would be provided with impeccable instruction in a supportive and uplifting environment and come away with the technical training, confidence, and discipline to take their dancing to the professional level, should they so choose. Should they not choose to pursue a career in dance, they would come away with a well rounded, professional dance education and a deep respect for their art form, all the while having “enjoyed the ride” and built enduring relationships. Over a decade later, Dancers Corner stands as that special place that Lisa imagined and as one of the premiere dance education facilities in the Upstate!

In addition to offering sound technical training in various styles of dance to all ages, Lisa is dedicated to instilling values, individuality, and a feeling of self-worth to her students. She is committed to providing a warm, stimulating, high energy environment where no child is left behind, in which their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative growth are enhanced. She is forever grateful to each one of her valued customers for providing Dancers Corner the opportunity to work with their children. Lisa feels incredibly blessed to be able to continue to say that “my job is my passion”. Outside of her work at DC, she is a proud mother of 3 amazing boys, who like her DC dancers, inspire her to be at her best every day.