Company Director

Whittney Niemi

Whittney Niemi became a part of the DC staff over a decade ago and has been a principal instructor to all ages for the duration. She is currently the Director of Dancers Corner’s nationally award winning competitive dance companies. She began her career at a young age intensively studying and performing classical and contemporary ballet in Northeast Ohio. She went on to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from Ohio University where she studied many forms of dance from a nationally acclaimed faculty. During her years there she choreographed, produced, taught and performed while finding her creative identity and developing her unique movement profile. Following graduation where she finished among the top in her class, she joined the DC family!

Whittney is proficient in the styles of Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Jazz as well as teaching children’s dance. She is recognized for her energy and innovation as an instructor, choreographer and performer. Her creativity in the studio stems from a command of musicality and connection with style and movement lines. As an instructor, she concentrates on technique and challenging her dancers at all levels, teaching her students the ability to adapt the style of their movement to that of the music and to create dynamics, energy and presence on the floor. Whittney’s vivacious style, focus on positivity and the nurturing of individuality while expecting the best from her students are a constant backdrop to all of her work and make her an engaging educator. In her own words: ” I continue to learn from and be inspired by my students every single day. They make me better as I make them better. I immerse myself in my work to hopefully light the way for others to pursue a life in dance or dance related fields. I have a desire to make a positive and profound impact on my students by sharing my passion, knowledge, skills and experience with them. If i can accomplish this, i have fulfilled my purpose. DC holds such a special place in my life and my heart. It is home to me.”