Listed below is your child/children’s dress rehearsal drop off and pick up times and recital drop off and show times. If any of the below information looks incorrect, contact dancers corner ASAP: 627-0053

Class Day & TimeRehearsal Drop OffRehearsal Pick UpRecital Drop Off
PS MONDAY 1:30 ST. A4:305:304:30 ACT 1
PS TUESDAY 10:30 ST. A4:305:306:30 ACT 2
PS TUESDAY 1:30 ST. A4:305:306:30 ACT 2
PS TUESDAY 5:30 ST. C4:305:304:30 ACT 1
PS WEDNESDAY  1:30 ST. A4:305:304:30 ACT 1
PS WEDNESDAY 5:30 ST. C4:305:306:30 ACT 2
COMBO MONDAY 6:00 ST. C5:306:304:30 ACT 1
COMBO TUESDAY 4:00 ST. C5:306:306:30 ACT 2
COMBO TUESDAY 6:15 ST C5:306:304:30 ACT 1
COMBO WEDNESDAY 4:00 ST C5:306:306:30 ACT 2
BEG BALLET THURSDAY 4:00 ST C6:308:004:30 ACT 1
BEG JAZZ MONDAY 5:15 ST C6:308:006:30 ACT 2
BEG JAZZ MONDAY 6:45 ST. C6:308:004:30 ACT 1
BEG JAZZ  THURSDAY 4:45  ST. C6:308:004:30 ACT 1
BEG HIP HOP MONDAY 7:30 ST C6:308:004:30 ACT 1
BEG HIP HOP WEDNESDAY 7:00 ST C6:308:006:30 ACT 2
BEG HIP HOP THURSDAY 4:00 ST A6:308:004:30 ACT 1
BEG TAP TUESDAY 4:45 ST. C6:308:006:30 ACT 2
BEG TAP THURSDAY 5:30 ST. C6:308:004:30 ACT 1
BEG ACRO FRIDAY 4:45 ST. D6:308:006:30 ACT 2
BEG POM WEDNESDAY 4:45 ST. C6:308:004:30 ACT 1
INT JAZZ TUESDAY 7:45 ST. C7:308:306:30 ACT 2
INT HIP HOP TUESDAY 7:00 ST. C7:308:306:30 ACT 2
INT TAP THURSDAY 7:00 STC7:308:306:30 ACT 2
INT BALLET THURSDAY 7:45 ST C7:308:306:30 ACT 2
DC COMPANY8:009:304:30 ACT 1 AND 2
  • Rehearsal

    A Mandatory dress rehearsal is held on THURSDAY, MAY 16th at McAlister Auditorium at Furman University. Any child not at his/her designated rehearsal will not be permitted to participate in the recital. No one will be allowed in the audience during rehearsal. *Please note: Rehearsal times run differently than recital times. If your child is in the early rehearsal, do not assume that she is in the first Act. Consult your schedule carefully.

  • Recital

    Recital is Friday, May 17th at McAlister Auditorium. There will be one show with two separate acts. ACT I begins at 5:00 and ACT 2 begins at 7:30. We anticipate the entire show being over by around 9:30. Children will be assigned a drop off time based on which Act they are in rather than show time. Dancers will be dismissed as soon as they are finished performing. Drop off and Pick up locations and rules will be the same as rehearsal. DC staff will be present at the backstage entrance to help escort dancers backstage and to their dressing room. You will not be allowed to take your child backstage unless you are a backstage volunteer. Please look very carefully at the cover sheet for your child’s drop off and pick up times. Do not assume that they are in the first or second act based on their rehearsal time. They do not coincide at all. It is imperative that you look over your times carefully. Please remain seated during the performance as much as possible. If you have a young child or need to get up for health reasons, please request tickets at the end of an aisle. Each Act will run around an hour and a half with a brief intermission between acts. Videotaping and flash photography are strictly prohibited during the performance.

  • Drop Off

    Please drop off your child on time! We will not be able to wait on dancers who are late as we need to run on time in order to stay on schedule. Dancers should be dropped off at the backstage entrance of Furman McAlister Auditorium. The entrance will be in the back parking lot of the auditorium and we will have signs posted. Do not enter through the front lobby of the auditorium. DC Staff and backstage helpers will be there to help assist your child to their dressing room to meet their backstage volunteer. Please look carefully at your cover sheet for all your appropriate times. Your child should arrive in costume, with hair and makeup complete. Please do not send your child into rehearsal or recital wearing tap shoes. Furman does not allow tap shoes in the lobby, and it is very slippery for the dancers. Please put your child’s tap shoes in a bag with his/her name in them and send them in rubber soled shoes. For children in multiple classes, a rehearsal order and show order will be posted on the recital information table in studio1, so that you can prepare your child’s costumes in the needed order.

  • Pick Up

    Parents must park and come inside the front lobby to pick up your child when they are finished rehearsing, and when they finish performing. Please wait in designated areas marked with posters of the class song (s) to pick up your child! If your child is in more than one class, pick them up with the class of the last dance they rehearsed/performed. Do NOT try to go backstage! This greatly delays pick up time! Your Pickup Pass for your child will be given to you when you pick up your recital tickets. You must have your pickup pass with you to display to the backstage parent. They are required for both dress rehearsal and recital. This is for your child’s safety. Dancers will be brought out to the lobby as soon as they are finished performing their last routine and will be allowed to go home, or back into the audience to watch the remainder of the Act that they were in. Please note, if your child is going to go into the audience, he/she will need to have a ticket to do so. Please be courteous to those around you and do not try to stand and exit while a dance is on stage. It will take us a few minutes to get your dancer out to the lobby, so it would be best to wait until the following dance is exiting the stage to get up and leave. We would hate for someone to miss their child’s performance due to people standing up and moving around the auditorium while a dance is in progress. Please be mindful of this when entering or exiting the auditorium.

  • Backstage Volunteers

    Backstage volunteer sign up is at the recital information table in the lobby of studio 1. DC requires at least 2 volunteers per class. If you sign up to work backstage, you must work the rehearsal as well as the recital. An email containing information and details regarding working backstage will be sent to you. We will have backstage passes available for pick up in the front office the week of May 8th - 11th. Please be sure to stop by and grab your pass this week. Backstage volunteers should plan on being at the rehearsal and recital 15 minutes before the scheduled drop off times so you can be in the dressing room before your dancers are dropped off.

  • Backstage

    All performers must remain backstage until they are finished performing. Only backstage volunteers are permitted backstage during rehearsal or recital. An attendant will be at the backstage entrance where volunteers will need to sign in and show their backstage badge to enter the backstage area, and to enforce your child’s safety. Children will be FULLY supervised in the backstage area for the entire duration of the rehearsal and recital. The same volunteers will stay with each class during rehearsal and the recital and remain with the class until every child is picked up on both days. Your child’s safety is very important to us. Please help us keep all of our students safe by respecting and following these rules.

  • Backstage Etiquitte and Tips

    • Send a dry snack and clear drink with your child to rehearsal and recital.
    • Please be sure to send a note with your child concerning any allergies or medical conditions he/she may have.
    • Dancers' names should be on all their belongings and sent in a bag. Dancers should have all costumes, headpieces, and shoes with them for rehearsal and recital.
    • Have extra bobby pins, hairspray, and makeup for touch-ups with them.
    • Dancers Corner is not responsible for any items left at Furman. Any items that are left in the dressing rooms will be discarded following the performance.
    • Furman, as well as Dancers Corner, expects the backstage area to be left neat and tidy after rehearsal and recital. It is the responsibility of the backstage volunteers and of the students to be sure that nothing is left behind, and the dressing rooms are left completely clean.
    • Dancers are expected to remain in their dressing rooms.
    • Dancers are expected to keep the noise level backstage minimal.
    • DC and Furman are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • No bright nail polish, jewelry or accessories that are not part of the costume should be worn at rehearsal or recital.
    • Please avoid underwear under tights/ costumes, as it creates lines and bumps that can be visible under lights.
  • Tickets

    Recital tickets will go on sale beginning Monday, April 29th, at 10:00 AM. You are responsible for picking up your tickets. They will not be sent home with your child. If you are unable to pick up your tickets on this day, tickets will continue to be available at DC, during normal office hours, until May 10th. It will be assigned seating, so please make sure you get all the tickets you need when you pick up your four pre-paid tickets in order for them to be all together. Your tickets will only be good for one Act. If you want to stay for both acts, you will need to purchase additional tickets for both Acts. People with Act 2 tickets will not be permitted to enter the auditorium until the entire first Act is over due to the fact that the seats will most likely be occupied. If your child is in Act 1, and you would like to return to your seats after you pick up your child, you may do so but will need to be sure to have a ticket for your dancer as well. This also applies to anyone who has a child in Act 2. Recital tickets cannot be purchased at Furman. Tickets can be picked up in Studio 1. There will be two ticket lines in the lobby at DC. A line for dancers in Act 1 and a line for dancers in Act 2. Please make sure you get in the correct line. There will be signs posted to help direct you.. You may not pick up tickets for families other than your own. This holds up the line, and is unfair to others. Seating is assigned for best available seats on a first come first serve basis.

    Each family receives 4 comp tickets (included in the participation fee you paid). Additional tickets may be purchased for $15.00 each. All accounts must be paid through the year (including May) in order to pick up your tickets! All accounts will be drafted on April 26th for May tuition. If you have any inquiries about your account, please contact us prior to the ticket sale day as NO account disputes whatsoever will be handled in the ticket lines!

  • Programs

    Programs will be available for each family at the Recital. Please do not grab extra programs as we usually only allow for two per dancer, and want to make sure each and every family receives a program. If you have a large group (grandparents, aunt and uncles etc..) please feel free to grab an extra copy or two. Please be sure to check the spelling of your dancer's name for the program at the front desk before April 19th. We want to make sure all of our dancers are included in each of their dances, and the spelling of their name is exactly the way you want it to be. Thank you for taking the time to check each of your child’s classes carefully on the list and initial if correct. If changes need to be made, please do so directly on the sheet.

  • Pictures/Awards Week

    Mitchell’s Photography will take individual and group pictures at Dancers Corner in Studio 1 the week of May 20th - 23rd. during your child’s regular class time(s). Your dancer will also receive his/her end of the year award at this time. Please note, Friday classes will have pictures made on Thursday, May 23rd in the evening (exact times will be sent home with your child in class). There will not be Friday classes held during this week. Pictures will take the place of that class. Your child should arrive in costume but hair and makeup are your preference. Your child should arrive “camera ready”, as the dance studio is transformed into a photo studio for picture week and you will be unable to get your child dressed and ready here. Parents are not permitted in the studio during pictures. Photo sessions will take the place of regular classes, so you should be prepared to pick your child up at his/her normal class end time.

    All orders will be placed directly through Mitchell’s Photography. Mitchell will provide each child with a detailed order form during her photo session. Upon ordering your pictures, Mitchell’s Photography will mail your package to you. After picture day, if you have any questions regarding your child’s pictures, please contact Mitchell’s Photography directly; contact info will be on order forms. As always, the purchase of photos is optional, but please attend so that all dancers are present for the group shots.

  • Recital 'Extras'

    Dancers Corner offers you the opportunity to purchase other optional recital souvenirs through outside vendors and Dancers Corner such as commemorative tees, DVD recordings of the performance, and flowers/gifts for performers! Students will receive a packet with all order forms for these optional “extras” in classes very soon!